Aug 14, 2007

My Rant (foul language used)

I should warn you now there is VERY STRONG language used in this blog. I'm venting here and need to get a lot off my chest. I rather let out frustration with words than actions in this case. I will not take offence if you choose not to read or comment. This is my release. So my poor husband won't go deaf. You are for warned. Thank you.
I am so pissed off at the assholes at work. Why do people come to work to bitch about it? If you don't like the damn job QUIT!!! Why would you want to be somewhere that you dread? I don't get it? Why do young stupid little 19 year old bitches think they know everything? Or an old lady who thrives on drama and tries to start shit with everyone? I don't understand? Why is it that the one who works the hardest and busts their ass gets shit on at every corner? I'm getting fed up with it. First I have to deal with little boys who thinks that he's hot shit because his girlfriend is older than his mother and think they know everything. Then you have the bitches who one up everything you say. No matter what the subject they have a better story. WHY!!! I know that there are all types of people in a warehouse, but most of them have class and tack. At least the one's I work with. At work, you have to get through certain people to get in good with the rest of the co-workers. Johnny, Melinda, Randy, Phil, Kyle, and me. What do I bring to the table you ask? I look out for the little guy, the temps. I make them feel welcomed and appreciated. I don't let them get the shit teased out of them when they are just learning or because they are easy targets. I don't let anyone make fun of them. I won't stand for that at all. I get very upset and everyone knows it. I've even gone off on fellow full-timers for their behavior toward temps and fellow co-workers. Everyone who works with me knows that if you have a problem or need anything I'm right there. I'm one of the first to respond. I treat everyone the same, until you piss me off. I will give you many chances to redeem yourself, but one day when you fuck up it will all go away. I will not speak to or acknowledge you...however I will still stop people from saying something bad about your stinky ass. I believe in karma and truly believe that you get whats coming to you. If you speak bullshit and do bullshit then bullshit is what you're going to get in return. I'm so sick of the drama! I would love to have a drama free day at work. Just work and get my shit done so I can home to my kids. I want to get a high unit count without some little girl bitching because I beat her count. I want a good day with no bitching. Without one upping each other. Without showing off. With everyone getting along. With all employees, temps and full-timers alike getting along. Everyone one working in harmony.
Peace and serenity.
This is my rant, thank you f0r not judging me. I feel much better.