Feb 25, 2009

Just a few things Lacey has said.

I was going over my daughter Lacey MySpace page and found some things she wrote that hit me to the core. Not in a bad way, but in the best way possible. She brought tears to my eyes. These tears are full of love and admiration. Can I just say that I love my children so much!!!! jette and brittany~lets just start with i love you guys you guys are like my heroes and i know you will help me with anything i need. jette~ILY!!! i know we have had some problems in the past but we still got through it. you are like my mother no matter what happens i will always love you. love everyone in my whole family i know that they will always be there for me even when i screw up. and i know this because i have screwed up, many times. and guess what? they are still there for me because they love me and i love them. that's the one thing i love the most about my family is that they will stick with me through thick and thin. this is a family like no other not everyone is there (britt and josh) but that's because they are just now a part of our family. anyways, we are silly goofy and know how to make each other happy and show that we care. we will always love each other no matter what. i feel at home over at my dads. and i love alex brittany and josh and jordan as if they were my blood relatives. i wouldn't even think about helping them in any way. they are all amazing people and we all fit and have our own special thing. were not afraid of what other people think because were the family that doesn't have to pretend to be perfect we just are! we might not all live together but we all love each other as if we did i love you all<33