Dec 17, 2016

Family Update

First let me start by saying I hope that you have a most wonderful Christmas and happy new year. I hope that the new year brings you happiness and joy. Wealth and beauty.

I going to start with the youngest this time. Emma Jane is officially an adult. 18!!! She is concentrating on graduating high school and beginning a fresh start in the new year. She loves her friends and family and backs them to no end. She is bright and smart as a whip. She's funny and considerate of others feeling. She wears her emotions on the outside, so you always know how she's feeling. She still wants to have a career with animals and/or food. 

Katelynn has completely amazed us all. She has been the most wonderful mother to Christopher Alexander Michael (Cam for short). She is also a tentative and loving girlfriend to Collin. Katey knows how to manage being a working adult and caring mother like a champ. I admire her determination and drive. When she wants something, nothing can get in her way. 

Alexander works full time and helps provide for his family. He has taken it upon himself to make sure that his mother and father are taken care of. He very rarely concerns himself with trivial matters and worries more about the people he loves. He loves taking naps and playing video games in his spare time. He's always there to help with taking out the dogs or doing the dishes. Major trooper.

Lacey is expecting a new little one next year. Lucas is going like a weed. Lacey is very much into DIY projects and homemade dinners. Lucas loves trains and trucks. Both are sensitive and loving. Both are one and the same. He might look more like his granpa Beastie but he's all his momma. Caring and respectful. 

Chris and Jette have had a whirl wind of a year. Adding a new grandchild to the mix, watching everyone grow up into awesome adults and being a family is all that matters. 

Aug 23, 2016


At this moment in time I want to be in NYC. I don't know why, it's just something I feel. I want to watch the colors change on the trees in Central Park. I want to walk in the park and see the same trees my family played around. I want to walk down the cobblestone streets and sneak into a little diner. I want to order a cup-o-joe and Ruben on rye. I want to feel closer to my grandfather and uncle. I want to sense them and absorb their wisdom of Hells Kitchen. I want to be one with my home away from home. Eat the same foods. See the generations of family's who never left. Feel what they feel. Smell what they smell. Twenty years ago I lived in the Bronx and worked in Manhattan. 49th and Lex. Local YMHA. Don't know if it's still there, but golly I sure hope so.