Jan 25, 2008


Dr. McKelvey told me that under the microscope there was no cancer on my skin!! That's wonderful news! This was one thought that really scared me. However with all the positive thoughts and prayers I have come through this very happy and relieved. Today the wonderful doctor and dare I say, my new best friend with all the good news, took a cookiecutter-like knife and cut a little deeper to make sure that they got all the atypical cells. I have about 3 stitches and have to go back to get them removed in a couple of weeks. He did mention to me that instead of going back every 6 months I have to see him every 3 months. Which is fine with me if it's going to mean I stay healthy for a long time. No skin of my nose. At least I hope. LOL Something did happen that was rather funny in my eyes. The Phystions Assistant is somewhat of a perfectionist and had to redue my stitches twice. The nurse was looking at her, from what my very supportive husband was saying, in a very funny way. Like the PA never messed up. The PA then left to get the doc to do them. You could see that she was rather upset about the whole thing. Apparently she went to deep into the skin and it was pulling funky. I let her know that it was okay and joked that my chest had a mind of it's own and can be very tricky. She laughed and relaxed her shoulders. I was very impressed with the way she and I handled it. (I don't really like being a testing dummy for a student) All in all today was great. Like I said I go back in a couple of weeks for the results of the excertion, if I don't get another cryptic phone call or ominous letter. I also wanted to say thank you again to everyone for all your positive energy. It really helped. My love to you all.

Jan 24, 2008

I'm Ready

Okay so I think that I'm ready for tomorrow. I have read up on what I have which is a atypical nevus. Which is pretty common in my family that I learned. They are generally benign and once you extract the rest, it's pretty much gone. Of course there is a chance that it will come back, but I'm not worried. I have done my research and I'm satisfied. I'm going into the Dermatologist office tomorrow with my head held high. Keep thinking positive and all will be positive.

Jan 23, 2008


I just wanted to give an update on my last blog. I called the doctor and they said that the mole on my back was fine, but the one on my chest was abnormal. I go in on Friday for further examination. I'll let you know as soon as I do. Thanks for all your support, prayers and love. It means a lot.