Sep 15, 2009

This SUCKS!!

I have no idea what to put down other than I'm having a REALLY REALLY hard time with EVERYTHING!! I tried to get into a program that just MAY help....but my insurance won't pay for ANY of it. I don't have $1000.00 a day for the program. My gas got shut off and we have no hot water. Britt and Josh have been really good sports with letting us use their stove, shower and whatever else we need. I'm right now at the library to write this. I'm mad, sad, angry, name it and I'm feeling it. The meds seem to be working, but I don't how much they're really working. I feel like shit. I feel like my life is only for my kids and I don't even have the strength to deal. Maybe I do need to be somewhere else. Maybe I need to get away?! But where does someone go when your mind won't let you escape? I feel like I'm going CRAZY!!!!! I mean really CRAZY!