Mar 6, 2014

A little something about my family

Lets start off wih the patriarch of the family 

Don: he's one of a kind fil. I love him so kuch. Like joy own dad. In fact they have been times when I've slipped up ad called him daddy haha. He has helped us out of some major jams over the years. So nothing bad to say here. 

Chris: he's starting his own business and working to make his family better. He thinks only of his family. He barely thinks of himself. He's a stong human being. He's positive. He's romantic. He's sensitive. Let's talk about 

Lacey: this is a girl who has been though the ringer. She has a baby and taking care of her gpa and bf. her son is thriving and is so very loved. Her bf...

Chris: is doing well for himself. He's working hard to become a kitchen manager at Chipotle. He loves his son and doesn't take his eyes off of him. 

Alex: he's having a hard time with bullies. He has talked about being home schooled. Not going back. We have him in therapy and he's on the road to recovery. 

Katey: is doing well in school and socially. She has a good bd who treats her good. And with respect. 

Emma: is and always will be my little Chris. She's just like her father in the right. She's witty and has snappy combacks. She's our in house comidian. 

And now to myself: I'm a girl who is trying to find who I am. I'm a girl who is stuck. I'm a girl who wants to be swept off her feet with romance and then come home to a loving and caring family.

This is my family. And I love them all.