Feb 15, 2013

My Wonderful Husband

I want to tell you about my husband. I met him when I was 16 years old. I knew of him...I didn't know him. We dated briefly in high school and although we broke up for whatever reason we remain very good friends. We always seemed to know where the other was. We knew what the other was feeling. We always had a connection. We moved on in our lives. We both started dating other people and lost touch briefly. Then he called me out of the blue. To this day I don't know how he even found my number. He called to tell me that he was going to have his second baby. I already knew about the first when we bumped into each other at a football game. Come to find out he was living 10 minutes away the whole time. After the birth of my son he found me again and brought over all our friends to meet my new little guy. After that we were inseparable. We've had our up and downs. One big up was our daughter. We were now a family. Later on he told me that he watched me walk down the hall at our old high school and told his friend that he was going to marry me someday. That day came true on October 9, 2004. I married my best-friend. My soul-mate. My everything. I love you honey for every and always. Happy Valentines Day.