Mar 13, 2014

Bus Ride

Today I took the bus to my therapy session. I watched as u walked down the block the bus drive by so I had to wait. How long I did not know. I found out it's about thirty minutes or so between buses. So I waited in the wet and cold for that stupid bus. Finally the bus came. I call to let my therapist that I may be a couple minutes late...due to the missed bus (which I take full credit for). Come to find out my appointment was yesterday. So I asked if I could get another appointment that day and he had an opening at one o'clock. I said great and took it. I pulled up at noon and told them that I was there but running across the street for some lunch and will be right back. Thirty minutes later I walk into the building, say hi to the secretary and take my coat off. As I turn to sit down I see my therapist sitting across from me. We both start laughing and I grab my stuff and we head up his office. We had a nice chat (client/patient) then I left. As I walk to the bus stop I see a bus and start to run hoping that it was the number two so I didn't have to wait in the cold and now snowing weather. It was my bus and I got it in the nick if time it was ready to leave. I called my hubs when I got to my last stop and told him to pick me up because I didn't want to walk a mile home in the cold and snow. My wonderful hubs picked me up and took me home where i proceeded to wait for the call of my oldest son. As soon as he calls the hubs and I pick him up and go to the store. This is where I see my son hitting on a nice young clerk. This is the first time I ever seen my boy be a man. And he was good. He had her all a fluster and he himself was on the nutty side. We went home and unloaded the groceries. Thinking that I was done for the day my hubs then tells me that we have to go to my mother in laws. More great news. Thankfully she was in a good mood and she didn't act a fool. I then came home, made dinner, cleaned up, did a load of laundry and now going to bed. So I bid you all a good night. Goodnight. 

Mar 10, 2014

Family Game Night

Lately our family has been obsessed with the game Sorry. Winners range from person to person and everyone is having fun. We have to get some more bored games....just have too.