Jun 21, 2009

Father's Day

This is how I remember my father. Happy, healthy and full of live. This is how I will always see him. He loved cars and a hanging out with his family. I can't be with him today of all days. I cry every time someone says "Happy Fathers Day". It doesn't feel the same. My father's not here. Why should I be happy? Yeah I know Chris is my kids dad, and he deserves the absolute best. He's a great father. I give him many kudos for being who he is. He's the best. I couldn't ask for someone better. It's just very hard to see my kids going to their dad and hugging, kissing and giving homemade cards and I can't do the same. It hurts so much. So very much. Please don't get me wrong...I'm very thankful for all the fathers out there. Y'all rock!! Really you do. I just want mine back.