Dec 21, 2008


Twelve years ago today I was holding my beautiful first born son Alexander Mason in my arms. He laid there all quiet and peaceful, so content to be here with me. There was a moment when everyone was gone and it was just mommy and son, Alex looked up at me with those big brown eyes and I knew that it was going to be the two of us forever. I love you Alex. Have a wonderful birthday.

Nov 27, 2008


I am so very blessed this year. I have a great family and wonderful friends. I have a roof over my head and food in my belly. My kids are doing great in school and in life. Not to mention that my marriage is fab-boo. Everything seems to be on an up swing and hoping it stays that way! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!

Nov 15, 2008

New Apartment

To Much To Say...

Sorry I've been away for so long. I haven't been able to get to a computer. A lot has gone on in my life in the last several months. I started babysitting Layton, one of my dearest friend son, then lost that when his mother went to part-time. I met new friends! Which is always a good thing. One family lives across the hall and the other lives around the corner. It's really great. We're all in the same building and all different ages. It's nice to see 3 or 4 generations of people getting along with no problems. It's like our own little family. We watch out for one another and make sure that everyone has what they need. We all have children ranging from 8 months to 24 yrs. Very large span I know, but it's interesting to watch and be a part of. The family across the hall is closer to Chris and I's ages. And we seem to have the most in common. We all play D&D (role playing game), like the same movies, play board games and cards together. They have a little girl named Jordan. She's about to be one in March. I call her my Ladybug because she is so little and cute. Jordan will scream if Emma doesn't pick her up right away when she comes home from school. They just love each other. Emma even told me that she thinks of Jordan as a little sister and likes to take care of her. She feeds her, plays with her and makes sure that she isn't getting into to much trouble. It's so cute to watch. Emma's going to make a wonderful mother some day. I can just see it! As for Alex...well he's doing great! He got a trophy for baseball, taking martial arts lessons and is getting all A's and B's!! Emma got mostly C's on her report card, but you do know what they say... 'When you get A's in Columbus, you gets C's in Worthington.' That's has always been the rule-even from when I was a little girl. I'm so glad that my children are doing so well now. It's nice to see their faces light up when they bring home an A on a test or project. I'm going to go fingers are about to break off from all the typing. I'll try to do a better job with the update. My love to all!!

Some of Everyday Life

Sep 18, 2008

Emma Turns 10

I wanted to tell y'all a little about Emma's day. She's been really lucky and hasn't had school all week due to the wind storm of Sunday so we decided to treat her to a special day. Chris and I took her to Walmart to get whatever she wanted. She got new clothes and a dog that wiggles when you play with it. Then we took her for a birthday lunch at Olive Garden (her choice) and they sang her happy birthday and lavished her with attention. Then she and I went to Target. She didn't understand why we were there. I just kept my mouth closed and when we got to the stuffies I told her she could get about 5 or 6 new ones. (she lost most in the move) She was in heaven!! I can't describe the look on her face. It brought tears to my eyes. She also began to tear up. I asked her what was wrong and she just told me that she was very blessed to have Chris and I for parents. We just held each other and cried. I'm the one who is so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl in my life. She is my light, heart and soul. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful child. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to raise and love her.

Sorry it's been so long....

Okay so it's been awhile but back. My wonderful father-in-law is letting us stay at his house while out power is out. Thank you Ike. (do you hear the sarcastic tone?) So where do I start. While Emma was in California we moved. BACK TO WORTHINGTON! I'm finally home. Out of the trailer and without the dogs. Boo-hoo but all good. We found fabulous homes for all of them. Actually Stoney, D.O.G and Keeper are at Chris mom's house. Which means we can see them whenever we want. This is reassuring to the children. Tok and Q-bit are with new family's and loving the country. Bid-it got adopted out to a nice family with lots of kids. She's going to be great for them. Okay enough of the dogs. Emma is now going to school with Alex at Wilson Hill elementary and absolutely loves it! I asked her what she liked best about her new school and she told me that she loved the fact that she can talk at lunch. Bring back any memories Nym?! Emma has Alex's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Davis and she loves her. She has wonderful friends and is really excited to have a slumber party. Our apartment is a little 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath hole in the wall but we love it. It has white walls and doesn't stick of animals. Every time I walk into the house I almost cry with joy. Emma's room is all pink and purple and girlie. She has all her stuffies all over her bed and clothes in her closet, not in baskets. The kids also have a playground and pool for the dog days of summer. WE HAVE A POOL!! I'm loving life. Some others things have changed as well. I no longer working at McGraw-Hill. You heard me correctly-I quit! I was so sick of the bullshit and favoritism. Needed to get out before I went insane. Chris and I discussed things and decided that I would stay home and be the mother I always wanted to be and he would go back to work. He's only part-time but it's all good. With his social security check we can make it with extra to play with. I also just found out that one of my very best friends is going back to work and she asked me to watch her son. So I guess I will be working-sort of?! Any way to think about it, it's all good. Life is coming together and I love it. I feel like a real mom and wife. And not to mention Chris' feeling like a real father and husband. He's been in a rut about being a stay-at-home dad. He loved it, but we both felt that we should reverse the roles. Everything is going so wonderfully I'm scared that the other shoe is going to fall. It's hard to get out of that frame of mind when you been living it for so long. But we needed all the changes that has occurred.

Jul 10, 2008

My Baby is Leaving For 6 Weeks!!

Emma Jane is getting a chance of a lifetime. Thanks to generous family members Emma is spending 6 weeks in Southern California. Emma's going to go places she only sees on the tv. She gets to meet new and interesting people. Emma also gets to do something that I wish I could do....see Emily, the kids and my mommy everyday! My daughter is going to hang more with my sister then me this year!! It's all good though. I know that Emma Jane is in good hands with my wonderful sister and perfect mother. I'm so happy and thrilled for my youngest daughter. I wish you nothing but love and happiness where ever you go! Love you sweets. Have a blast for me!!

Jul 2, 2008

My Baby Brother Got Hitched!!

The wedding of Eric and Holly Bowman was a magical moment. I was very blessed to have been invited and able to go. It took place in a gazebo at Manpower Park in Jackson Ohio. As I stood there taking pictures I saw my little brother turn into a grown man. I saw his love for Holly and her love for him was all over her face. Holly looked beautiful of course and Eric was so very handsome standing there before his new wife. Eric and Holly-I wish you nothing but happiness and love in your marriage.

Jun 25, 2008

Grandpa Henry Hock

In the short time that I was gone some things have changed. My wonderful Grandpa Henry passed away a week ago Thursday. He was 95 years young and a wonderful man. He was beautiful inside and out. He loved the stock market and real estate. Grandpa was a man of no complaint. What I mean by this is that he never complained about anything. I never heard him complain about a headache, stomach ache or even when he got 37 staples in his arm....he just never complained. I've learned so much from him-even if I didn't show it all the time. He was a good man. You will forever be missed and loved.

Jun 9, 2008

What Was Going On When I Was Born

21 September 1976 Your date of conception was on or about 30 December 1975 which was a Tuesday. You were born on a Tuesday under the astrological sign Virgo. Your Life path number is 8. Your fortune cookie reads: You will be invited to an exciting event. Life Path Compatibility: You are most compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 2, 4, 8, 11 & 22. You should get along well with those with the Life Path number 6. You may or may not get along well with those with the Life Path numbers 1 & 5. You are least compatible with those with the Life Path numbers 3, 7 & 9. The Julian calendar date of your birth is 2443042.5. The golden number for 1976 is 1. The epact number for 1976 is -1. The year 1976 was a leap year. Your birthday falls into the Chinese year beginning 1/31/1976 and ending 2/17/1977. You were born in the Chinese year of the Dragon. Your Native American Zodiac sign is Bear; your plant is Violets. 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What My Name Means

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Jun 8, 2008

Laid-back Doer (LD)

My personality type: the laid-back doer. Take the free iPersonic personality test! Laid-back Doers are friendly, happy persons. They enjoy being together with other people. Smart, eloquent, witty and charming, they like to be the centre of attraction. They do not like to be alone. Their zest for life ensures that others feel well in their company and that they quickly get to know people. Laid-back Doers get the best out of every moment - many people of this type have a gift for making their whole life one big party. Boredom is unknown in their presence because they are very good at carrying others away with their enthusiasm, their good mood and their optimism. Abstract thinking and profound philosophising about the meaning of life appeal less to Laid-back Doers. They are pragmatic, realistic and live completely in the here and now. At work too, they prefer it when it’s all go and they can act out their purposeful manner to the full. They have no problem handling several tasks at once and they blossom out in crisis situations! A varied field of activity with a lot of social contacts is just the right thing for them. One will also seldom find them inactive in their spare time; due to their open, curious nature, they mostly have many hobbies and interests. They are not afraid of the unknown: as they are flexible and creative, they quickly adjust to new situations and make the best of them. They sometimes come into conflict with strict rules or hierarchies by which they quickly feel constrained and against which they rebel. As friends, Laid-back Doers are generous, helpful persons who attach great importance to harmonious relationships and a good atmosphere. Their sociable manner means that they have a large circle of friends and they love having the house full of many different types of guests. They are happy to give in to their spontaneous moods and fancies in the just one or two important things. This makes them appear somewhat unpredictable to those with a quieter nature. When it really matters, you can rely on them one hundred percent. As a partner, they are creative, impetuous and imaginative - as long as their partner knows how to fascinate them. They can hardly stand boredom or routine in a relationship. They do not like conflicts at all; if a relationship becomes too strenuous or involves too much effort, they tend to withdraw from the partnership and start to look for a new partner. However, if one manages to keep their curiosity alive in the long term and surprise them again and again, one has a loyal and loving partner.

Jun 5, 2008

Can you say Mini-Debbie!!

Here are some pictures that my cousin let me take and was kind enough to send me. I took a couple shots me and Chris. I was looking at these pics and I realized that I look just like my mother. It's really unreal. I mean I knew I looked like her but DAMN!! I think it's dead on! What do you think?

Jun 3, 2008

Get Ready Southern Cailfornia Here Comes Miss Emma Jane

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write and the only thing that comes to mind is the fact the my baby girl's going to California for most of the summer. Emma Jane will be staying with my sister (the mother of my wonderful niece and nephew) and mother (the worlds best mommy) most of the summer. What am I going to do without her? Emma went on a camping trip for 3 days and I was going insane all weekend. I talked Chris into going to a friends house to hang just so I could get out of our house. When she walked in the door on Sunday I wouldn't let her go. She just curled up with me on the bed and we just layed there hugging each other in quiet. We do everything together. Whenever I leave she's with me. It's very rare that she isn't in the back seat singing along with me to Sara Bareilles or even makeing up our own radio stations. My favorite station is the Unicorn Station. All love and magic. What am I going to do without my best friend this summer. Yes you read best is my 9 year old daughter. She knows me so well it's almost scary. She does little things that make me think.. "I used to do that when I was her age!" I know that she'll have fun and that is what's really important. I want her to have the opportunities that I didn't growing up. Of course I went on vacations with my family and all, but nothing like this. This is a once in a lifetime experience. I'm blessed to have family that can do this for my daughter. Emma's been looking forward to this trip since the beginning of the year. She has been really patient the last few weeks of school. But now she realizes that it's coming up VERY soon and she's ready for some fun. I'm not all upset and such, just to let you know. I'm sad that Emma is going for such a long time, I'm sad that I'm loosing my singing buddy, but trust me I NEED THE TIME!! Chris and I were talking and we haven't had this much time away from children in 14 years. Emma will be in California, Alex will be at his fathers, Lacey and Katelynn will be on a week on-week off schedule. Chris and I will have a week at a time without children. It's going to be nice at first not to hear all the noise and bickering. With that's going on maybe we all could use a change of pace and states.

May 6, 2008

Happy Mother's Day Mommy!!

Okay so this might not be the best picture of my mother and I, but it's all I've got. (hint hint wink wink) Any Hoo--Mother's day is just around the corner and I wanted to say a couple of things. My mother is someone I've always considered my role model. Ever since I was a little girl I've looked up to her. I remember being only 5 years old and bragging to our neighborhood babysitter that my mommy made the best monster cookies. And she does. I remember being 10 years old and sick with Pneumonia and my mother made me feel better just by her touch. I remember when I was 14 years old and felt like the world was crashing down on me, my mother was there to pick up the pieces-no matter how big or small. I remember when I was 16 years old and got my heart broken for the first time, my mother was there to wipe away my tears. I remember when I was 18 years old and graduated high school, my mother was in the stands cheering louder then anyone. I remember when I was 20 years old and gave birth to my first born son, my mother was there to hold my hand and tell me to push. I remember when I was 21 years old and I gave birth to my beautiful baby girl, my mother was there to hold my hair back and tell my to breath. I remember when I was 25 years old and left my abusive husband, my mother was there to shelter me and show nothing but love and support. I remember when I was 28 years old and wanted to marry my first love, my mother through me the most wonderful wedding any little girl could have ever imagined. I remember when I was 31years old and had to make the hardest decision of my life, my mother was there to smooth out my fears. My mother is the life that I breath. She is the reason that I'm alive. She's my Mommy and I love her!!

Apr 15, 2008

Counseling, Therapy and Betrayal

It has been a real up and down week for our family. Chris started therapy on his back. I have to go to rehabilitation on my hips. Emma is starting therapy for her anxiety. And my best friend in the world stabbed me in the back. Let me start with Emma Jane. We had a meeting at her school last week about her attention span and anxiety at school. Emma is a bright student but has a hard time concentrating on reading and math. She is fine in both subjects, in fact she went from a C to a B in all subjects. She is trying really hard and Chris and I can see this. We just think that she needs a little help. Someone who can teach her to cope with her anxiety. She starts in about 2-3 weeks. Emma will go once a week with a counselor specializing in her needs. Does that make sense? Hope so. Anyway, Emma is looking forward to this. She doesn't like having anxiety attacks either. Chris and I have to go the physical therapy for our back and hips. Chris has had back issues for a while now and it's just getting too bad. So he had to get help. I, myself have really had issues with my hips for the last 15 years or so. It feels like my bones are paying me back for my rowdy youth. Who knows?! As for the betrayal. Let's just say I have 2 less people to buy birthday and holiday gifts for. Just keep thinking..........POSITIVE THOUGHTS!!!

Mar 30, 2008

Mar 25, 2008

Somthing From The Heart

Okay so not many people know that I used to be very overweight. If you are one of the few whom seen me at my biggest know it was very hard on me. I worked and worked to become healthy. Not fat, not skinny just healthy. When I was at my biggest (2000-2004) I was 250 lbs!! At my skinniest (2007) I was only 100 lbs. I was very depressed and alone at the time when I was heavy. I was going through a time that was very stressful. I had 2 children within 22 months and alone. My son was dianosied with Autism. My daughter couldn’t hear very well and needed to go to speech therapy. And to take the cake I married a man who not only hit me but called me the most hurtful things. In this time I gained so much weight that I couldn’t do anything. I was running in circles, going no where. I was in such a rut that I would eat a whole family sized cherry pie by myself, drink a 24 pack soda/day and feel sorry for myself everyday. There were times that I would try to loose the weight. I would try all sorts of different diets and fads. I found a Dietitian and she pointed me in the right direction. Teaching me how to eat correctly and not over due it with food. It worked for a while, I lost about 100 lbs or so over a year time. Then I got married and it all came back. The man I was married to was a horrible monster. He was so mean that the only thing I could do right was eat his cooking. So that’s what I did. For about a year. When I decided to leave him I lost about 20 lbs or so. I was getting thinner. When the divorce was final I lost another 50 lbs. When I got married to my TRUE LOVE Christopher in 2004 my weight was furthest from my mind. I didn’t care what I looked like. He loved me for me nothing less. Just me. I admit I had gotten comfortable in our relationship and put on a few pounds but I even didn’t care. It wasn’t until I tried to quit smoking that I put on the most recent weight. I ballooned up to about 220 lbs. I needed to do something and do it fast. I got a job that I really loved and was working during the time that I would normally eat. And when the pounds started falling off I went crazy with it. I stopped eating all together. I only ate when I was around my family. Just to prove that I was eating. I never ate a work. If I ate in public or in front of friends I would nibble and push the food around or take it home and gave it to Chris. By July 4, 2007 I was only 100lbs. I went to a family reunion and everyone was stunned. Some people said that I was fit looking, but needed some meat. Others stared and gossiped. Some members of my family thought I was on serious drugs because my weight plummeted so fast. This was my wake-up call. Now it’s almost April 2008 and I’m a healthy 135 lbs or so. I have kept myself at this weight for the last couple months and I’m finally comfortable with myself. I like me for who I am.

Mar 19, 2008

What a Day

Today was a great day. I had a great back-line and 2 detrashers. Which meant that I was at my best. No one called my name for a fix. I either caught it myself or my back-line found it. It was great!! Tosha told me that I was going to get rewarded for my crapy numbers last week but I didn't expect all of that. I was getting nothing but large orders and pushed about 7,000 units in 9 hours. I only have one concern... I don't want anyone else to get mad at me for getting good stuff. Everyone is getting great numbers and all, but I just don't want anyone to get upset. I have told Tosha that I would do the nasty pallets (because I go trough them in half the time then the others). I just don't know what to do. I have done what I can, telling the appropriate people and whatnot. But they aren't saying anything because the numbers are high and it makes them look good. Other than all of that it was a fine day. I got Dave (Chris' step-dad) a job at McGraw. He's a temp but it's a foot in the door. It's cool working with him. We really do have so much in common. I can honestly say he's one of my best friends. We hang out on a regular and love the same things. For example Dave wanted me to listen to a song that he really liked. Well the first thing that popped in my head was some death metal video with sex and blood. But I was wrong he turned to Allison Krause. I couldn't believe my eyes. I love her music. I had no idea he did to. He them proceeded to tell me that Allison was his second favorite female singer. I looked bewildered and confused and just chuckled under my breath. I regained my composer and asked who was his favorite female singer. He looked very serious and said Stevie Nicks. I couldn't believe it. She's my favorite singer of all time too. I guess as the old saying goes "never judge a book by it's cover."

Mar 17, 2008

Eli's Graduation

So Chris, Alexander, Emma Jane and I went to my little brothers graduation from THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY!! I am so proud of this little guy. I have watched him struggle and go through some really hard times in the 26 years he has been on this earth. Eli is a great example to my children and to me. Not only is he a strong man, but he is a rightious one to boot. I know that if I need anything ever I can call him and and he'll be there in a heartbeat. Eli is kind and sweet to everyone around him. I don't know one person who has anything negitive to say about him. Everyone loves him. And so do I!! Keep up the great work Banks.

Mar 8, 2008

Nothing But Snow!!

Okay so I didn't take this picture (I'll leave that up to Abby) but this is the only one I could find to show what it looks like out my door. Our local news channel is comparing this blizzard to 1978 and 1987. I remember the blizzard of 1987. It was beautiful. Snow was everywhere. Ice was hanging off the trees. Well this is better. Emma Jane, Chris and I took the dogs out just to see what they would do. Stoney loved it. She's an Akita Husky and loves the snow. She waits for days like this all year long. DOG was running around pushing the snow with his nose. The other 3 Tok, Keeper and Q-Bit were basically under the snow. Tok had to jump from spot to spot. Most of the time she following Stoney or DOG, just to have a place to jump and not get covered. Emma and I went for a short walk together just to see what it was like in the neighborhood. We went around the block and decided to go home. The snow went up to Emma's knees. We were laughing so hard that we kept falling in the snow. Our fingers and piggies were frozen. Of course Emma immediately ran into a hot shower the went back over to a friends house to play. She is loving this too. When she woke up she opened the front door and the snow was about 8 inches up against the door. You know when you watch the movies and people get snowed in because the snow is against the door?? Yeah it sorta like that. Quite cool really. Well I better go. I want to make sure Emma has some Hot Chocolate when she comes home. Just like my mommy made for me.

Mar 5, 2008

Good And Bad Day

Today was a good and bad day. I got almost 6000 units in 8 hrs (which is really good). Then we heard that a particularly tiring part of the day was going to be shortened to only about 15 minutes vs 30 to 45. Everyone who runs the end of the day papers went running to Darlene. She told us that it was a surprise and we would have to wait till the end of the day. So we waited...and waited....and waited. Finally 3 o'clock came around and we all went for Darlene. She began to tell us that we were going to a new bar code system. And that (we shall call him "reggie") Reggie came up most of it. Now another co-worker and I went to Darlene about 2 weeks ago with the same idea. My friend went nuts. He was pissed. All he kept saying was "Stephanie and I talked about going to a bar code with Darlene before he even had it in his head!" I can understand his frustrations. I'm really upset about it, however it's in place and there is nothing that either one of us can do now but kvetched about it. So I'm watching the wife of Reggie do all the paper work solely because she's his wife. Then Darlene came up to me and with a little smirk said "I have a new toy for you!!" I got so elated. She wanted to give me the new papers personally. I was touched. Later on when I was about to leave she came up to me and told me that she really appreciates all that I do for the department. She even told me I was her best CRT. That was huge! She said that I was always the best and she is glad that it's starting to really show. I of course said thank you numerous times. Then my team lead came up to me and told me that she was going on vacation and she wanted showed me where items were that we might need for the next week. Then she made a comment about her work knife. She wanted to leave it at work in her desk but she was afraid someone might use it and not return the knife. I told her that I would keep it in my desk in the back for safe keeping, chuckling not knowing that she would take me seriously. She handed me her knife and said thanks. So maybe I had more of a good day then what I initially thought. One beauty of writing everything down.

Feb 27, 2008

I'm An Angel

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Just like the haloed and winged guardians of good, you truly have a heart of gold, sweet Angel. Whenever there's a chance to pitch in, save the day or just make life easier for the people around you, you're the one for the job.

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So don't listen to those who say nice girls finish last. People have always seen you as a goddess of thoughtfulness and good intentions, and it hasn't slowed you down a bit. All in all, Angel, you've got it made with your glowing attitude and ability to see from on high. So get out there and change the world!

Feb 21, 2008

Yearly Review

Today was our yearly review at work. I wasn't nervous or anything. It was a fluke that we found out. I asked Darlene (boss) if I could get a small green coffee travel mug that was going around. She told me that I would get one at the review. We all put the two and two together and BAM yearly review. So when it was my turn I walked in and she handed me my review paper. I'm in Target Achievement is all but a few areas. Those were Exceptional Achievement. I'm quite proud of myself. I have come a long way and achived a re pour with the boss' and co-workers. It felt really good to go into a meeting and have my boss tell me that they couldn't do all this without me. I know that everyone says it, but she meant it. I could see it in her eyes. We had our little conversations about raises and what not's. And I was out of her office within 20 minutes. The meeting was great and I felt like I belonged. I think I needed to hear it too. I was starting to feel blah about the work lately. Chris and I discussed the options-find new job or stay at McGraw-Hill. I'm staying at least for awhile. I will continue to look for better paying opportunities actively. But until that one pops out and gives me a shiver, I'll stay put. All in all today was a good day.

Feb 15, 2008