Apr 5, 2012


This morning was rough. Lacey had a massive headache this morning and Katelynn was sick as well. Alex and Emma were fine. When we finally got the girls settled we went out to look for a new car. We haven't had a car since November-ish. It really sucked not having a car! We've been borrowing rides to get groceries, pay bills and have any sort of fun. Anyhoo... we went to several different lots. With what we have we should be able to have a minimum down payment and very low monthly payments. We have decided to go with a mini-van. No big frills. No Dvd thingy in the seats. Just a good car. This is the part that Sufis...we couldn't take anything home. We have to go back tomorrow. I'll keep posted.

Crazy days

Sorry I'ge been gone for a bit. Craziness has consumed me. Since we last talked this is what has been going on... All my kids are teenagers!! Yeah you read right...TEENAGERS! If any of you want one just let me know. Hahahaha just kidding (maybe lol). I completed my DBT in January 2011. Feeling real good about it too. So I guess not a whole heck of a lot isn't yapping. I'll try to keep up with my blog.