Jun 18, 2009

My Mini Vacation

I have spent the last 5 nights in total bliss. The boy was at his dad's, Lacey was at her friends and Katey and Emma were at Patty's house. Originally it was going to be only for one or two nights then the days start adding up. It's been great!! We've gotten to sleep in, go to the pool and chill, take naps, watch the TV shows WE want to watch and NOT DO ANYTHING! I have to admit I haven't been cleaning either. It's been to relaxing. I seriously took a mini vacation!! I didn't even have to leave the state. It was great. We talked to the kids a couple times a day and recouped ourselves for the rest of the summer. And trust me when I say the next several weeks are going to be hell on both Chris and I!! Camping, pool parties, house party (Lacey wants this one) not to mention all the friends the kids want to stay the night. The way I think about it....If I only get these short 5 days of peace and quiet for the rest of the summer, I should be just fine.