Jun 12, 2009

Emma and Her Chin

Emma told me that she was done putting antibiotic ointment on her chin. It was healed enough. I asked her why? She said that she wanted to have a scar. Again I asked her why? Emma then turned to me and said..."That way I'll have a scar just like you and Alex." I just melted.


Lacey asked her daddy if she could go to the store and get ingredients to make chocolate chip cookies for everyone. Chris told Lacey to talk me into taking all the children including one of Emma's little friends from school. Lacey and her childlike ways looked at her father, smiled, padded her eyelashes and said..."But daddy I wanted YOU to take us." "Why?" Chris asked chuckling. "Because your my daddy and I wanted to go with YOU." Chris went happily to the store with a huge smile on his face.

Jun 7, 2009

Wanna See Something Freaky...

Okay so when I went to my mothers blog I saw this picture and thought to myself....WOW I look just like my beautiful mother...You be the judge.