Dec 23, 2009

My Christmas...

You can copy and paste it on your blog/email. Just copy and fill it in. Have fun! 1. WRAPPING PAPER OR GIFT BAG? Total gift bag girl. I can't stand wrapping anything. But I prefer to unwrap a gift then take it out of a bag. What's wrong with me? lol 2. REAL OR FAKE TREE: Fake all the way. Can't stand the needles and constant watering. I have absolutely no green thumb. And it's just easier with kids. All of that and I was raised with fake trees...sooooo 3. WHEN DO YOU PUT UP THE TREE: Generally we put it up Thanksgiving night. However this year we put it up about a week or two late. 4. WHEN DO YOU TAKE THE TREE DOWN: As soon as possible....get everything back into order. But Chris likes it up for a while after.....I win. ;) 5. DO YOU LIKE EGGNOG: LOVE LOVE LOVE eggnog!! I get it from my mother!! Thanks mom. 6. FAVORITE GIFT RECEIVED AS A CHILD: I had several. Puffalumps, cabbage patch kids, a big barbie head (to practice my makeup and hair skills) and my all time fav.....the Globe. hehehe 7. DO YOU HAVE A NATIVITY SCENE: I do not. Sad isn't it. 8. HARDEST PERSON TO BUY FOR: My kids.....I never know what to get them. EVER!! 9. WORST CHRISTMAS GIFT YOU EVER GOT: I really don't recall ever getting a gift I didn't like. I love presents!! 10. EASIEST PERSON TO BUY FOR: I would have to say my hubby, Chris. Get him some socks and he's cool. 11. MAIL OR EMAIL CHRISTMAS CARDS: If I sent out cards.... 12.FAVORITE CHRISTMAS MOVIE: The Christmas Story!! Best holiday movie ever! 13. WHEN DO YOU START SHOPPING FOR CHRISTMAS: About a week before.....I know, I'm horrible. 14. HAVE YOU EVER RECYCLED A CHRISTMAS PRESENT: No, I don't believe I have. (apparently I've watched to much Star Trek...I'm talking like Spock. lol) 15. FAVORITE THING TO EAT AT CHRISTMAS: Mommy's fruit minced pie! It's the bomb. That and mommy's famous cheeseball! 16. COLORED OR CLEAR LIGHTS ON THE TREE: I love color. Just not the flashing ones...which is what Chris and the kids love. So we compromise and have both. I'm a sucker for smiles on holidays. 17. TRAVEL AT CHRISTMAS OR STAY HOME: The one time I was GOING to travel for Christmas I got now I stay home. 18. CAN YOU NAME ALL OF SANTA'S REINDEER: I could say yes (just to one up my sister lol) however....No. Sadly I have kids and don't know ALL the reindeer names. I know I know, I'm pathetic hehe. 19.ANGEL ON THE TREE TOP, OR A STAR: We have an angel right now. But normally we put a star up. One that lights up and is all cheesy!! I love those. 20. OPEN THE PRESENTS CHRISTMAS EVE OR MORNING: Since we have so many different places to go and people to see we usally wait until Christmas night. It's quiet and calm and just us. 21. MOST ANNOYING THING ABOUT THIS TIME OF YEAR: In Ohio it has to be the holiday drivers. I can't stand them. Learn how to drive people!! 22. WHAT DO YOU ENJOY MOST ABOUT CHRISTMAS: My family!! Always have always will. 23. HOT CHOCOLATE OR CIDER: Both....why do I have to choose!! 24. WHAT DO YOU WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth. Sorry......what was the question? 25.FAVORITE CHRISTMAS SONG: Anything by Nat King Cole!!

Dec 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Son

On December 21 1996 I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Alexander Mason. My son. My first born son. You had a head full of dark hair, your dad's nose and my chin. Your cry was the sweetest cry I've ever heard. When the nurse put you in my arms I fell in love so deep. I never thought I could love someone so much. I could see so much for you. I wanted to give you everything that you deserve and more. You have taught me much in the last thirteen years Al. You have taught me patience, when I thought I didn't have any. You've taught me how to really love, when I thought I didn't deserve any. You've taught me to be strong, when others are weak. YOU have taught ME! I love you son, very much. Happy birthday!