Jun 6, 2009

My Little Champ!!

Emma Jane just learned how to ride a bike a couple of weeks ago. She's so proud of herself. I'm so very proud of her. She has accomplished and overcome so much in the last several months. Emma's no longer scared of the dark (as long as the door is open..baby steps), swims in the 5 feet (huge accomplishment) and rides a bike. Today Emma and her friends went for a bike ride at the school. The next thing I know Kelsey was knocking and knocking and knocking and wouldn't let up until I opened the door. She looked at me with her big doe eyes and told me that Emma was really hurt and needed Chris and I. I yelled at Chris to get the car and meet me at the school. I run out the door so fast the next thing I knew I was at my daughters side. When I got there Emma was moved to a neighbors house. Emma's little friend Hannah and her mother were there putting pressure on her chin, which was gashed pretty well. Then I look up and Destiny's mother was starting to put a cold compress on Emma's finger. I looked at my youngest daughter with tears in her eyes, knelt by her side and prayed. Prayed that she will be okay. Prayed that Heavenly Father will watch over her and calm her heart. Chris pulled up and we went to the Hospital. There we sat and waited for the doctor to come back. Then all of a sudden a familiar voice started coming into the room. It was Dr. John. This was the same P.A that treated Katey and Emma for strep. Well, he remembered Emma and wanted to take care of her himself. Emma remembered him as well and she was immediately at ease. She didn't have to get used to another doctor. Trust me when I say that ALL of us were totally relieved. This man was awesome. He walked Emma through everything that he was going to do. First they took and x-ray of her finger...all good, other than the bruising. So when that was all done he looked at Emma's chin and said that she was going to have to fix it. Emma asked for the super glue, Dr. John told Emma that he was going to get a Nurse to bring in some numbing stuff then he'll put on the glue. When the Nurse came in all Emma saw was a syringe-like thing. Emma immediately went into a fetal position. Chris and I were stunned and shocked. Both of us went into action. I looked at the Nurse and told her about her anxiety. Thankfully she understood and relaxed herself. Chris and I were trying to relax Emma when the Nurse said that she just needed to get something off her chin and put a piece of gauze with the numbing solution on it. Emma just looked at her and asked if she put on the 'stuff'. The nurse replied with a nob. Emma then said, "That was a smart idea." she then relaxed and laid back. Dr. John came in and glued Emma's chin together and fix her finger (it still needed to be drained of blood). Emma was to be laying down for all of this...which she did not like. He was real quick with the glue and then went her finger. He had to burn a hole in her nail to drain all the blood that was collecting under it. By the time Dr. John was done Emma was smiling and laughing at all his jokes. And making some herself. Below are some of the after shots. Don't worry, it looks worse then what it really is. Emma was an angel through the whole ordeal.
Emma's first battle wound (from her bike) Close up. Looks worse than what it really is. Finger all bandaged up. More updates about this one coming soon.