Jun 5, 2008

Can you say Mini-Debbie!!

Here are some pictures that my cousin let me take and was kind enough to send me. I took a couple shots me and Chris. I was looking at these pics and I realized that I look just like my mother. It's really unreal. I mean I knew I looked like her but DAMN!! I think it's dead on! What do you think?

Jun 3, 2008

Get Ready Southern Cailfornia Here Comes Miss Emma Jane

I'm sitting here trying to think of something to write and the only thing that comes to mind is the fact the my baby girl's going to California for most of the summer. Emma Jane will be staying with my sister (the mother of my wonderful niece and nephew) and mother (the worlds best mommy) most of the summer. What am I going to do without her? Emma went on a camping trip for 3 days and I was going insane all weekend. I talked Chris into going to a friends house to hang just so I could get out of our house. When she walked in the door on Sunday I wouldn't let her go. She just curled up with me on the bed and we just layed there hugging each other in quiet. We do everything together. Whenever I leave she's with me. It's very rare that she isn't in the back seat singing along with me to Sara Bareilles or even makeing up our own radio stations. My favorite station is the Unicorn Station. All love and magic. What am I going to do without my best friend this summer. Yes you read correct...my best is my 9 year old daughter. She knows me so well it's almost scary. She does little things that make me think.. "I used to do that when I was her age!" I know that she'll have fun and that is what's really important. I want her to have the opportunities that I didn't growing up. Of course I went on vacations with my family and all, but nothing like this. This is a once in a lifetime experience. I'm blessed to have family that can do this for my daughter. Emma's been looking forward to this trip since the beginning of the year. She has been really patient the last few weeks of school. But now she realizes that it's coming up VERY soon and she's ready for some fun. I'm not all upset and such, just to let you know. I'm sad that Emma is going for such a long time, I'm sad that I'm loosing my singing buddy, but trust me I NEED THE TIME!! Chris and I were talking and we haven't had this much time away from children in 14 years. Emma will be in California, Alex will be at his fathers, Lacey and Katelynn will be on a week on-week off schedule. Chris and I will have a week at a time without children. It's going to be nice at first not to hear all the noise and bickering. With that's going on maybe we all could use a change of pace and states.