Apr 30, 2009

Tribute to Brittany and Lacey

Okay I have to tell y'all a little bit about Lacey and Brittany. Brittany is 20 and Lacey just turned 15. When we first met Brittany I fell in love with her. Yes I'm older than her but she's the best. She reminds me a lot of me when I was younger (only she's more together hehe). Anyway, the first time Lacey met Brittany it was totally different. Here was someone who she could relate to more than mom and dad. The wonderful thing about this relationship is that Brittany is someone that Lacey can go to. Whether it's school issues, parent issues, boyfriend issues (Robert is Britt's little brother), just about anything, and I love it. Thank you Britt for being there for Lacey. You mean the world to us, to Lacey. We love you!!

Apr 29, 2009

Just Got Word...

I just got word this morning that we got the three bedroom apartment. Someone was nice enough to realize that we needed it more. She even said that. I couldn't believe my ears. How sweet this person is to give up something she's been waiting for a long time for. If I only knew who she was I would hug her and thank her so much for everything. I'll have more on Friday, when we talk to the Manager. I'm so excited.

Apr 26, 2009

Update about Lacey

Okay. So Lacey told me something rather interesting right after I posted my last entry. Lacey's friend that threw the party has completely changed her ways, because of Lacey. She acually said that! Lacey showed courage and strength and this young lady saw it. Lacey told me that this child has quit smoking, doing drugs and her grades are back up to B's. She told Lacey that after she left the cops were called and she got really scared. Basicly scared her straight. She got a glemise of something that she didn't like. Reality sunk in for her. When Lacey told me this I was in tears. Of course we all know that Lacey is sensitive, loving and very accepting of other. However, I think that Lacey needed to have someone else see it before she acually believed us. After all we are her family and just a little biased. Lacey I love you with all my heart and soul. You mean the world to your father and I. I'm truely blessed to have such a wonderful daughter. Thank you for being you. I love you sweetheart!