Jul 14, 2007

Dinner With Old and New Friends

I was on My Space last night just tooling around and left a message for my oldest friend Bryan. I wanted him to come over and hang out. Well I didn't get a reply so I decided to drop a line to his girlfriend Beth. I told her that I was going to make my famous Chicken, gravy, corn and homemade mash potatoes and wanted her and Bryan to come over for dinner. I got a reply within a few hours. She said they would be coming over tonight. YEAH!!! I got to make a big homemade meal and everyone had fun. We sat a talked about the upcoming baby (Layton Carter) and what they were going to do with their new house and nursery. We all had a blast. I don't make friends that easily and to have someone in your life since you were 10 is something special. Even better when you get along with thier significant others. I am truly blessed to have such good friends.

Jul 13, 2007

Bumps and Bruises Along the Way

I went to work today very tired and sore from yesterday's lovely events. I sat down waiting for morning meeting and stretches when a Zada, a friend of mine, asked me if I was going on the OP (order picker) today. I chucked at the thought of me on an OP again, and said "I hope not. I still haven't recovered from yesterday!" She chucked back and Sarah, my team lead, started the morning meeting. She went through the normal routines and as she was placing people in there respected areas for the day, she looked at me with that "Your going to the dock" look, and I just shook my head. You see, I can't say no to her but I sure as heck can shake my head and then do what she asked me to do. She pointed to me and said "Dock." I looked at her with sad eyes and she said sorry and I was off to the dock. I ran into trouble within the first 30 minutes. I couldn't find an OP, couldn't sign in, had to reboot the whole system and couldn't get the stack of skids off the forks. To make things harder, I couldn't drink my coffee. So I had to do this caffeine free. Which SUCKED! When I finally got started I picked about 20 boxes in 30 minutes, yesterday had maybe 10 boxes in about 1 hour. I went back to the dock and jokingly asked if I was done. Phil my Receiving Supervisor, just laughed and handed me another clipboard. This time I pulled about 25 boxes in 30 minutes. I went back and got my third clipboard, this time a little thicker. I only had maybe 6 boxes to pull and ran into a skid of books. Boxes went everywhere. Craig helped me pick up the boxes, Joe took the last of my labels, I dropped off the skid I had completed in shipping and went back to the dock. I looked at Phil at told him that I wanted next week off. He snickered, smiled and proceed to tell me that he was going to ask for me personally everyday. I asked if he was serious, and he just nodded his head with confidence. I laughed sarcastically and all I could say was "Thanks!". The rest of the day went smooth and relaxing. I actually got to tell the temps what to do. For the first time I was in charge of an area. I held conversations one minute then asked them to do something the next. Oh, the power! HAHAHA!!! Any-who, I had a great day. I started the day feeling rocky and uncertain, but finished feeling accomplished and fulfilled.

Jul 12, 2007

Taking Pride in Myself

Today I got on an Order Picker. It's this big machine that goes up high and very unsteady, also known as a Cherry Picker. Well, I didn't know until this morning at 6am that I was going to be on one. I'm very afraid of heights and not that comfortable with big machine's that can hurt me. I have had very little training on one and everyone knew it, but they needed my assistance in another department, so I got on one by myself. I had very little idea what to do, but with help from my team leader and a friend, they helped me through it. I did it! It took me longer to get what I needed done, but I did it.
I was terrified to get on one of those things. I was literally in tears because I didn't know what I was doing. I just prayed to my Heavenly Father to help me through this rough patch and I was instantly calmed. It was amazing. I was a blubbering idiot on second and calm and collected the next. True testimony of prayer.
I spent the rest of the day training in a completely different area, again not knowing what I'm doing. I got trained for about 2 hours then I was on my own. Again I was nervous and scared that I was going to make a mistake but I got through it.
I'm very sore and weak from all the heavy lifting I was doing today, but other than that I am feeling very good about myself. And that doesn't happen very often.

Jul 11, 2007

Stupid Guy Movies

Today was a normal day. Nothing really big happened. Just sat around hanging with my family. I am on the computer and Chris and his cousin Bobby (which I will be bring up a lot) are watching the stupidest movie. Every time I turn around there is a guy acting stupid or someone puking because he drank to much. What is with guys and stupid movies? I can't stand it. Of course I make them sit through "chick flick's" so maybe it's payback.

Jul 10, 2007

Found Where I Fit

I have to tell you, before I found this site I was board. I was tring to find a place where I fit in. I tried MySpace, Cafemom, and IMVU (all of which are really fun and enteraining) but I felt like I didn't belong. Yes I still go to these sites and do what I like to do, but this is special. I get to reconnect with friends and family that I wouldn't otherwise see or talk to. It is really great. I get to show off my family and tell you how we are doing. Then I get to see how all the people I love are doing. I get to see how the one's I love are growing. I can keep in touch with my family from 3000 miles away. I can reconnect with old family friends. I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Aging and Wonder

Tomorrow is my fathers birthday. I sit and think about all that he has done in his 57 years on this planet. I wonder what he has seen. I wonder what he has done. It make me think about my future and where I'm going to be in twenty years. Am I going to be living in Ohio still? Am I going to move to California to retire? Are my children going to be happy? Who are they going to marry? What kind of careers are they going to have? What are my grandchildren going to look like? All these thoughts go through my head every time someone has a birthday. I always wonder......

Jul 9, 2007

A Little About Our Family

It's only fitting that I take a moment and talk about my family. My family is very special to me. I waited a long time for the family I have. I have a wonderful Husband, Chris, whom I just adore. I have one son and 3 daughters. Let me tell you a little something about us....
I met my husband when we were about 14 years old. I remember going over to my best friends house, who lived across the street from Chris, just to see him and hang out. We started dating when we were in high school, but because of reasons, had to break up. We went our separate ways and each found someone else. But, through it all we still remained close friends. My family moved and I ended up at a different school. I barley saw him. The times we did see each other it was special. I ran into his arms and just held on. Tight! After high school we lost touch for awhile. Chris had a daughter that was 2 and one one the way and I had a son when we found each other again. We have been inseparable since. Together we have a daughter. We were married in 2004 with all our family and friends around us. He is MY Chris.
Our children are all one's of a kind. Let me start with our oldest, Lacey.
Lacey is 13 years old and going to be in the 8th grade this fall. She is "Emo" whatever that is, and lets us know everyday. She has her moods just like any other 13 year old. She thinks she knows everything and everyone is out to get her. Typical teenager. Lacey and I have a special relationship. She was 9 when her father and I got married. I didn't want to be that mean "step-mother" that are in all the horrible stories and movies. So I made a promise to her. I promised her that I will treat her like my own and love her as my own. I don't think she recalls a time that I wasn't there in one way or another. Lacey is bright and very intelligent. She is sweet and responsible. She loves her parents and her brothers and sister. She always takes up for others who are getting picked on. She is MY Lacey.
Alex is my son. He is by pride and joy. Alex is 10 years old and is Autistic. (PDD-NOS) He has accomplished so much in his short life. He has inspired so many people to do better, and I don't even think he knows how much. He get picked on and teased, but he shruggs it off and and goes on with his life. He is very close with his youngest sister Emma and they together make a whole that is magical and special. Alex and I have a bond that is amazing. Alex and I have gone through so much is his short life together. He has taught me to stand up for myself and become a better mother. He is MY Alex.
Katelynn is Chris' 10 year old. Katey (as we call her) is a spunky and wide eyed little girl. I have know Katey since the day she was born. I used to help Chris when he would have her at night or on the weekends. I love this little girl. She and I have always gotten along. When we told her that her father and I were going to get married her reaction was "About time!". Katey has always been a quirky girl. She is quick with a comeback and will have your back in a second. She is a lot like her father. She is MY Katey.
Now to our youngest, Emma Jane. J (is what I call her) is my baby. She is the youngest and uses every advantage she can to use that. She will pout and bat her eyes until she gets her way. She is the our little drama queen. She gets that from me. She loves to get down and dirty with the boys. She gets that from her father. She is really and truly a perfect blend of both Chris and I. She is MY Emma.
So that is a little sample of our family. There is more family members to talk about. You will get your chance to read all about them later, I'm sure. Have a great day.

Jul 8, 2007

Back to the Grindstone

Tomorrow back to the grindstone. I go back to the warehouse. I go back to work, bummer too I had a pretty good weekend. I had a wonderful Saturday. (My 5 yr anniversary for several things--I'll more into detail later.) I was lazy on my Sunday. I played games and watch shows backed up on my DVR. So I had a pretty good weekend.
Some people don't like Mondays, but I don't really mind. Tuesday is my hardest day to get over. I don't know why either. Wednesday is the day before payday, Thursday is payday and Friday, well need I say more. I'll take 2 Monday's over any Tuesday any day of the week. Follow?
Oh yeah, I tend to ramble a lot. Apparently in Blogs as well.