Apr 9, 2010

California Dreaming

I have been here for about a week and loving every minute of it. Let me start off by saying thank you to my wonderful family here. They are really shown me a great time. I have loved hanging out with my mother, sister and her beautiful children. They have taken me pretty much where ever I wanted to go. We went to Old Town Temecula (hope I spelled that right lol) and had some of the best Root Beer on the planet. They actually have a store with nothing but root beer. It's great. I was totally channeling my brother Eli when I was there. He loves that place and now I see why. I went whale watching, which was amazing. There were two Minke Whales that was playing with the boat. My niece and I were watching them go under the water and come up on the other side of the boat. It was like they were there for only us. It's was breathtaking to say the least. I have a whole new love for the water now. And no, it does not mean I'm going swimming any time soon. lol Then on Thursday I got to go to my favorite part of Southern California.....The desert! Palm Desert to be exact. My mother took me to Joshua Tree and I was blown away. I sat on a hill and looked out over the vast lands. It brought me to tears. Happy tears! When I was done meditating I looked to my right and saw the most beautiful thing ever. A rock formation that looked like a Father holding his little girl. I could see the child's eyes, mouth and even her hair up in a ponytail. I immediately thought of my own Father and was brought to tears again. Not the sad tears that I normally shed in this kinds of situation, but tears of love and happiness. It felt like I was that little girl and my own father was holding me. I felt my father at the moment and it was amazing. He was there with me. He had his arms around me telling me that everything was going to be okay. That I was going to be just fine. He's happy now. Happy and healthy. Like he should be. And that was very very comforting to me. Who knows what the next week will bring, but I'm sure it's going to be amazing.