Feb 21, 2008

Yearly Review

Today was our yearly review at work. I wasn't nervous or anything. It was a fluke that we found out. I asked Darlene (boss) if I could get a small green coffee travel mug that was going around. She told me that I would get one at the review. We all put the two and two together and BAM yearly review. So when it was my turn I walked in and she handed me my review paper. I'm in Target Achievement is all but a few areas. Those were Exceptional Achievement. I'm quite proud of myself. I have come a long way and achived a re pour with the boss' and co-workers. It felt really good to go into a meeting and have my boss tell me that they couldn't do all this without me. I know that everyone says it, but she meant it. I could see it in her eyes. We had our little conversations about raises and what not's. And I was out of her office within 20 minutes. The meeting was great and I felt like I belonged. I think I needed to hear it too. I was starting to feel blah about the work lately. Chris and I discussed the options-find new job or stay at McGraw-Hill. I'm staying at least for awhile. I will continue to look for better paying opportunities actively. But until that one pops out and gives me a shiver, I'll stay put. All in all today was a good day.