Nov 14, 2009

Holloween 2009 (I know it's late but deal with it)

I had the honor or taking my children, their friends, their boyfriends and the boyfriends cousin. A total of 8 kids (not including myself...hehehe). I loved watching the kids running from house to house getting as much candy as they could. It brought wonderful memories of my childhood at Colonial Hills back to me. Best believe next year we are so going to my old hood for beggars night.
Front Row: Alex, Vadelia, Hannah, Emma Back row: Robert Lacey and Katey
Lacey's having a great time. She was supposed to be a man...but it really didn't turn out that way.
Emma of course was a Fiery Princess.
Alex in all his Glory!!!
This is Steven he came along to make fun of Robert and to help with the 'Little Ones'
This would be Robert and yes he's dress like a girl. (he was kind to give Alex his mask) So Robert went as a Girl
Katey was a of Goth Princess. I see my future and I'm VERY SCARED!!!
Of course this is Hannah Banana. She was also a Princess.
This is Vadelia (Roberts little sister). She went as princess herself.