Oct 13, 2007

A Few Jokes From Emma

There are 3 kids. Their names are Manors, Poop and Shut-up. One day all 3 went down to the lake. Poop feel into the water. Manors went in after him. Shut-up went to get help. When Shut-up found a cop he told him that his friends fell down into the lake. The cop asked him what his name was, he replied "Shut-up". The cop asked him again...Son what is your name? Shut-up said the boy. The cop asked him a third time....Son what is your name? Shut-up said the boy. The cop then asked him where his Manors were. The boy responded, "Down at the Lake picking up Poop." What do a dog and a tree have in common?--They both have barks How do you keep a skunk from smelling?---You hold it's nose These are just a few jokes Emma wanted to tell us. Hope you enjoyed them.

Oct 12, 2007

Telling Myself That It's For The Best

Today my son went to go live with my father for awhile. Rick and I both agreed, it would only benefit Alex to live with Poppy. We will see him just as much as we want to. It's really for the best. Anyway, I'm very saddened by all of this. This has been happening for about a month now and today was the day. I was packing up his backpack with some of his favorite things. Put in his favorite bear and a frog from me (with a little note). It hit me all at once. I finally let it out and cried about the whole thing. I think it actually helped Emma though. As we watched Al get in the car I looked at Emma and gave her a big hug and it all came out. She saw me crying and said that she didn't think I would cry about Al leaving (like I said it just hit me today). I told her that I love Alex and didn't want him to leave. But we're doing the right thing, it's only temporary and he'll be home real soon. I explained how much I was going to miss him. We cried for a little then went inside and starting to eat....everything. Sound familiar? lol Emma and I are handling things pretty well. Chris is being strong. He's holding it all in. You know how men are, especially husbands. They never want to discuss their feelings. I know that he's sad too. We all are. I know that Al will be looked after like the Prince that he is and will be spoiled rotten. I know that the school is better and he will make lots of friends. I know that he will be happy and that is the most important thing in the world. I love you Alex. I miss you already!!