Aug 3, 2007

I Have a Wonderful Husband!!!

I was totally bummed that I wasn't able to get anything with my quarterly bonus check. We had to paid bills and get food. You kinda need to do that stuff. Anyway, out of an almost $400 check I only got $50 for myself. Which I haven't even touched. I've been really sad about the whole thing. I worked my butt off in the last 3 months and only got $50!! Everyone could see it on my face. Chris especially took it harder then I did. He knows how hard I work. He's so sweet that way. Well, when Chris went to pay the last of the bills (all at $0 amount owed YEAH!!) and took Lacey and Emma Jane with him. While they were out I chilled at home and sulked. Boo-Hoo. When he got home they brought in some bags and Chris said he left one bag in the car. Next thing I know there is a knock on the door. Are his arms that full he can't open the door? I thought it was only one bag? Huffing and puffing I opened the door and standing in front of me was my loving and caring husband with a dozen roses and a box of chocolate covered cherries. (the real kind, not a knock off. YUMMY!) I had tears of joy when I saw them. When I asked him what the occasion was he told me that since I really didn't get anything with the check, he wanted to treat me to something special. I love him so much. He always makes me feel better. Lacey and Emma Jane wanted to get the big box of chocolate, but I think I would hurt anyone if they spent more that $10 on chocolates for me. The girls told me that they bugged and bugged Chris to get me the flowers. Chris tells me differently....he says he was going to do it anyway. I personally think the girls planted the seed. The end result was my sweet Yeti Man got me flowers to help me feel better. Man, I love my man!!
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