Jan 19, 2008

I have told some of you that I was going to the doctor for a check up well heres the whole story: It all started when I went to the family doctor for a physical and he referred me to a Dermatologist. My doctor told me that he was concerned with the amount of moles and spots on my body. I made the appointment and kept it, knowing that they were most likely going to take one or two off for a check up. I was used to this. I have been going to the Dermatologist for my back for years. Well, when I went to the initial appointment everything was fine. He removed (by shaving off) two problematic spots for testing. Then he told me to come back for a full body check. I made the appointment and kept it, yet again. This time he used a black-light on me and noticed white spots. Not to big, but not small either. I had them all over my body. Legs, arms and torso. It was absolutely eye opening. All I could think of was how lucky I was not to sun bath on a regular basis. He removed two more moles. One one my shoulder, similar to the ones on my back, no big deal. Then he went to my chest. He noticed a spot that looked, lack of a better term, wonky. It wasn't that big and I didn't think anything of it. He told me that I will hear from him in a letter if everything is okay. So I check my mailbox and see nothing from the lab. Then I get home today and see that my Dermatologist call today around 11:30 am. I went to machine and pushed play. To my surprise the nurse wanted me to call back in regards to my test results. By the time I got the message it was already past office hours and couldn't call. Now I have to wait untill Monday to find out what's going on. This is why I am so nervous. I'm shaking just writing this down. I have so many thoughts going thru my head and heart. I'm trying to think positive. Remembering all the good times and trying to make myself laugh. I can put on a real good front, but inside I'm screaming.
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