Jan 18, 2013

Today was smooth.....

Today went smoothly. I went to my DBT and therapy classes. Got to take the bus, which brings back a lot of memories. Good memories, bad memories. Memories non the less. my wonderful hubby picked me up at CVS so I didn't have to walk the mile back home. Isn't he sweet?! Donated about 10 bags of clothes. Which can make anyone feel the love. By the time I got home the girls were done with school and ready for the day. This doesn't normally happen. I even told them to do the dishes and they did so without complaint. So as a little reward (and slowly loosening my control of everything) we dropped them off at the local (and little) mall with a friend. While we did that we surprised my youngest daughter with a new phone. Then to make everything even better my hubby took me out to lunch. Sometimes it's the little things that keep us going. XOXO
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