Nov 30, 2015

RIP Josh

I just found out that a young man I've known since he was a young teenager has passed away due to a heroin overdose. He left behind two children. This is hitting close to home. I knew this kid. He was a good kid....when I knew him. I wonder what sent him down that path? What happened after we moved that made him give up and do something that could kill you as soon as get you high. My heart breaks for his parents who only had 25 short years with their son. I feel for his children who will have to remember him through pictures and memories. For his friends who loved him so.
Heroin and other street drugs has become a epidemic of huge proportions. Parents please talk to your children about the dangers of hard core drugs. Drugs that hook you as soon as you try it. The drugs that kill you. Teach them young. Teach them early. My mother showed me a video when I was a young teenage about what happens AFTER you die from a heroin overdose. It was horrific. I looked at my mother with tears in my eyes and she said with tears in her eyes "Don't make me shop for you one last time...not for this." I took her seriously and NEVER touched the shit (that's what it is). I don't want to leave my mother, my family and friends in that situation. I love them to much.
I strongly urge each and everyone of you to spread the word about the dangers of serious street drugs. Talk to your children. Show them videos (age appropriate of course). Make them understand what happens not only to them, but to the people around them. What happens when they leave.
My friend is gone. There is nothing I can do about that. However, I will make sure my children understand how much they are loved and appreciated for who they are. Hold them tight. Teach them young and often. Make them understand!
RIP Josh. You will be missed. xoxo
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