Sep 30, 2007

A Week of Fun and Enjoyment

I had so much fun this week. My mother, sister and her kids came in from California. We got to hang out and chat like old times. It was so fun to have the "original 6" back together again. The whole family was here. Granted I was sick most of the week, but I still had fun. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and my sister and sister-in-law were brave enough to take ALL the children to Grater's for ice-cream. They had a blast!! Mae was beautiful as expected and Clark is a doll baby. I had so much fun hanging out and chilling with my sister. My mother of course was gorgeous with her flowing skirts and cute tops. Her hippy ways coming through with brilliance. Alex, Emma, Mae and Clark all got treasure chests from the Worthington Fairies. They had a blast finding them. It was sad to see them leave, but having the memory of all of us back together is wonderful.
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