Sep 19, 2007

A Wonderful Life

Okay sorry it's been awhile. I have had a lot of drama that I didn't want to take out on the "blog" so I had to wait till I was centered (at least a little LOL). So Emma turned 9 yesterday. She was so cute. I took her to Target to go shopping and she had a blast. I told her she had X amount of money and she could get anything that she wanted. This was the first time I handed her my credit card. Note to self....NO MORE!! hahaha She went directly for the clothes (she gets that from Emily) and found some of the cutest stuff. And surprisingly she went for the clearance isle (that she gets from Poppy). Then she went to the "stuffy" section. She was surrounded by all the tigers, dogs, lions, and bears (oh my). She didn't know what to do. She grabbed about 100 (okay maybe over estimating) stuffies and trough them in the cart. She then realized that she couldn't get all of them so she put back the clothes. Sorry sis. She got a cute purse with a guitar and skull/crossbones on it, LARGE white tiger, horse, lion and rhino. She fell in love with that tiger. She has been buggin' me for a large white tiger for years, now that she has one she is very happy. When we went to the register she gave the cashier my card and will pride she said "Charge it!" How cute is that!!! She had a wonderful birthday. Now if only I can keep her at this age I'll be happy. Now on with the other children. Lacey is doing very well in school. She is working at the school and earning her own money. She is loving it. She loves her classes and for the first time in a long time she wants to go to school. Katey is getting straight A's and loving life. Her behavior has improved 100% since this time last year. Alex is well, Al. He's bubbly and loving his games. He has become a master and the Game-Cube and all the computer games. School is going great and he's even considering playing a string instrument!! Wow I wonder where he could possibly get that from. (Eric, Eli, Emily???!!! Any ideas....hummmm) Well that is that for now. Hope ya'll like it. Nothing but love in my heart goes out to everyone!!
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