Mar 5, 2008

Good And Bad Day

Today was a good and bad day. I got almost 6000 units in 8 hrs (which is really good). Then we heard that a particularly tiring part of the day was going to be shortened to only about 15 minutes vs 30 to 45. Everyone who runs the end of the day papers went running to Darlene. She told us that it was a surprise and we would have to wait till the end of the day. So we waited...and waited....and waited. Finally 3 o'clock came around and we all went for Darlene. She began to tell us that we were going to a new bar code system. And that (we shall call him "reggie") Reggie came up most of it. Now another co-worker and I went to Darlene about 2 weeks ago with the same idea. My friend went nuts. He was pissed. All he kept saying was "Stephanie and I talked about going to a bar code with Darlene before he even had it in his head!" I can understand his frustrations. I'm really upset about it, however it's in place and there is nothing that either one of us can do now but kvetched about it. So I'm watching the wife of Reggie do all the paper work solely because she's his wife. Then Darlene came up to me and with a little smirk said "I have a new toy for you!!" I got so elated. She wanted to give me the new papers personally. I was touched. Later on when I was about to leave she came up to me and told me that she really appreciates all that I do for the department. She even told me I was her best CRT. That was huge! She said that I was always the best and she is glad that it's starting to really show. I of course said thank you numerous times. Then my team lead came up to me and told me that she was going on vacation and she wanted showed me where items were that we might need for the next week. Then she made a comment about her work knife. She wanted to leave it at work in her desk but she was afraid someone might use it and not return the knife. I told her that I would keep it in my desk in the back for safe keeping, chuckling not knowing that she would take me seriously. She handed me her knife and said thanks. So maybe I had more of a good day then what I initially thought. One beauty of writing everything down.
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