Mar 8, 2008

Nothing But Snow!!

Okay so I didn't take this picture (I'll leave that up to Abby) but this is the only one I could find to show what it looks like out my door. Our local news channel is comparing this blizzard to 1978 and 1987. I remember the blizzard of 1987. It was beautiful. Snow was everywhere. Ice was hanging off the trees. Well this is better. Emma Jane, Chris and I took the dogs out just to see what they would do. Stoney loved it. She's an Akita Husky and loves the snow. She waits for days like this all year long. DOG was running around pushing the snow with his nose. The other 3 Tok, Keeper and Q-Bit were basically under the snow. Tok had to jump from spot to spot. Most of the time she following Stoney or DOG, just to have a place to jump and not get covered. Emma and I went for a short walk together just to see what it was like in the neighborhood. We went around the block and decided to go home. The snow went up to Emma's knees. We were laughing so hard that we kept falling in the snow. Our fingers and piggies were frozen. Of course Emma immediately ran into a hot shower the went back over to a friends house to play. She is loving this too. When she woke up she opened the front door and the snow was about 8 inches up against the door. You know when you watch the movies and people get snowed in because the snow is against the door?? Yeah it sorta like that. Quite cool really. Well I better go. I want to make sure Emma has some Hot Chocolate when she comes home. Just like my mommy made for me.
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