Sep 18, 2008

Emma Turns 10

I wanted to tell y'all a little about Emma's day. She's been really lucky and hasn't had school all week due to the wind storm of Sunday so we decided to treat her to a special day. Chris and I took her to Walmart to get whatever she wanted. She got new clothes and a dog that wiggles when you play with it. Then we took her for a birthday lunch at Olive Garden (her choice) and they sang her happy birthday and lavished her with attention. Then she and I went to Target. She didn't understand why we were there. I just kept my mouth closed and when we got to the stuffies I told her she could get about 5 or 6 new ones. (she lost most in the move) She was in heaven!! I can't describe the look on her face. It brought tears to my eyes. She also began to tear up. I asked her what was wrong and she just told me that she was very blessed to have Chris and I for parents. We just held each other and cried. I'm the one who is so blessed to have such a wonderful little girl in my life. She is my light, heart and soul. Thank you Lord for such a beautiful child. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to raise and love her.
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