Sep 18, 2008

Sorry it's been so long....

Okay so it's been awhile but back. My wonderful father-in-law is letting us stay at his house while out power is out. Thank you Ike. (do you hear the sarcastic tone?) So where do I start. While Emma was in California we moved. BACK TO WORTHINGTON! I'm finally home. Out of the trailer and without the dogs. Boo-hoo but all good. We found fabulous homes for all of them. Actually Stoney, D.O.G and Keeper are at Chris mom's house. Which means we can see them whenever we want. This is reassuring to the children. Tok and Q-bit are with new family's and loving the country. Bid-it got adopted out to a nice family with lots of kids. She's going to be great for them. Okay enough of the dogs. Emma is now going to school with Alex at Wilson Hill elementary and absolutely loves it! I asked her what she liked best about her new school and she told me that she loved the fact that she can talk at lunch. Bring back any memories Nym?! Emma has Alex's 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Davis and she loves her. She has wonderful friends and is really excited to have a slumber party. Our apartment is a little 2 bedroom 1 1/2 bath hole in the wall but we love it. It has white walls and doesn't stick of animals. Every time I walk into the house I almost cry with joy. Emma's room is all pink and purple and girlie. She has all her stuffies all over her bed and clothes in her closet, not in baskets. The kids also have a playground and pool for the dog days of summer. WE HAVE A POOL!! I'm loving life. Some others things have changed as well. I no longer working at McGraw-Hill. You heard me correctly-I quit! I was so sick of the bullshit and favoritism. Needed to get out before I went insane. Chris and I discussed things and decided that I would stay home and be the mother I always wanted to be and he would go back to work. He's only part-time but it's all good. With his social security check we can make it with extra to play with. I also just found out that one of my very best friends is going back to work and she asked me to watch her son. So I guess I will be working-sort of?! Any way to think about it, it's all good. Life is coming together and I love it. I feel like a real mom and wife. And not to mention Chris' feeling like a real father and husband. He's been in a rut about being a stay-at-home dad. He loved it, but we both felt that we should reverse the roles. Everything is going so wonderfully I'm scared that the other shoe is going to fall. It's hard to get out of that frame of mind when you been living it for so long. But we needed all the changes that has occurred.
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