Apr 22, 2009

Long Over Due Update

Okay so a lot has been going on in the last month or so. Where do I start? !. Alex and Valdelia are no longer a couple. They decided that it was best if they were just friends. 2.Chris got sole custody of Lacey and Katelynn. They dropped there mothers maiden name ,so now instead of Clarkson-Penn they are fully and forever Clarkson. Everyone loves having them with us. Especially Emma Jane. She loves having both her sisters here with her. 24/7 sisters-not every other weekend sisters. A very joyous month! 3.Report Cards all came out and each one of them brought home nothing but A's and B's!!! EVERYONE! Emma Katey Alex and Lacey!!! First time ever. Thank you Worthington Schools!! 4. My doctor called my last week and told me that my Thyroid is whacked and I have to take medicine to get it under control. Well I did some research and found that this could be some of the reasons I haven't been feeling well. Why my hair is falling out. Why I'm such a B*@^#% to my wonderful husband. Why about a lot of things. This news hit me rather hard and I didn't really know how to take it all in. Then I found that the majority of women on my mom's side have problems with their thyroids as well. Now I don't feel so bad about it. It actually make a little sense. This could be the reason we're so Matriartical. You never mess with a Snider/McCoy chick!! Bottom Line: We're happy. We're loved. We're healthy (for the most part). What more could you ask for?!
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