Apr 25, 2009

Lacey and Robert

Okay so this might not be the best picture of Lacey and Robert but it'll do. Robert is a 14 yr. old from Reese Ohio. Lacey is 14 yr. old from Worthington (yeah!!!). They both came from completely different families. Different friends. Different schools. Different everything. But somehow this wonderful young man has made my daughter very happy. It's only been a few months but you can see the love in their eyes. Robert makes Lacey smile. Not the smile that a teenager puts on her face for friends and family. A real genuine smile. A smile that you give the one that you love with all your heart. I can see she cares for this boy. And he cares for her. For example: Lacey went to a party at a so-called friends house. She thought it was going to be her friend and herself. Then her "friend" called a bunch of senors and older boys. Lacey got uncomfortable. This "friend" of hers also started snorting X (very strong street drug). Lacey got even more scared. She didn't know what to do, so she called Robert. Robert was fishing with his buddies when he got the call. Lacey was freaking out but Robert kept his cool. He told her to go into the bathroom and lock the door, he would call her right back. He in turn called his dad Scott, and told him the situation. Robert called Lacey and told her to call her dad. When she did this, Scott called to let us know what was going on. Thankfully Chris' cousin Stephanie (I know freaky huh) was in town and took Chris and I to go get Lacey. When we picked her up she jumped in the car. Robert had stayed on the phone with her until we got there. He was making sure that she was okay. I don't know that many 14 yr olds who would drop his fishing pole and friends to make sure that his girlfriend was okay. Heck most boys at that age don't give a crap. Lacey's truly blessed. And so are we.
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