Jan 7, 2010

Something I Would Love For People to Stop Talking About!!!

I was hanging with some friends the other night and they kept bringing up is the fact that I was out of my house and I was eating!! I couldn't believe it! Yes, I got of my house....not really by choice. Chris had already told them we would come over to chill. I didn't really want to go, but Chris wanted me to...so I went. For him!! And the eating thing is really getting on my last nerve. I KNOW...I'm eating. Stop the presses. Stephanie put food in her mouth. Oh my goodness. Mark the calender y'all!! I mean come on. Enough is enough. I know YOU want to see me at 130 or even 140...but come on!! I'm trying very hard NOT to let weight judge my life and when you keep bringing it up it just upsets me more. AND I STOP EATING!! It triggers something in my head saying that 130 is way to big and I need to stop eating now so I DON'T get that high. I'M TRYING PEEPS!! Please get off my back already about the whole thing. This is one reason I stop going over there. Because they kept bringing it up. I thought they got the message.....but I was very wrong. So here's the bottom line. One...DO NOT BRING UP FOOD OR EATING TO ME (unless you are my doctor or mother) Two...If I don't want to leave the house...I WON'T and I have that right. Three...well...I don't know yet but when I think of it I'll let you know.
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