Jun 9, 2010

More Stories

YEAH SCHOOLS OUT!! No more school. No more books. No more Teachers dirty looks!! Another year down. Everyone moves to respected grades. 11th 8th 7th and 6th. Can you believe that my baby is going to be in sixth grade!! She's getting so big. Why do children have to grow up anyway? Why can't they be at an age that they still need us, but be independent? Ok Ok OK. Maybe that's not feasible. I do remember a time, not so long ago, when I wanted my kids to be out of diapers. Be careful what you wish for people. Anyway, my children are all getting older and I'm not happy about this fact. This became more relevant tonight. Chris, Alex, Katey, Emma and myself were all in the living room talking and reminiscing about the "good ole days" (as Katey put it). I do have to mention that Lacey wasn't feeling well and went to bed a little early. So the five of us are just talking and Katey brings up baby stories. So of course I had to pull out Emma pooping 5 times in a row. When Emma was only weeks old, we went to church to get her blessed. After that was done she needed a changing. I took her and Alex, who wasn't even two yet, to the restroom. When I put the clean diaper on her she immediately pooed. Four more times I had to change that child. Every time I put a fresh diaper under her butt, she pooed. On top of that Alex was running around like a two year old does. As I'm telling the kids this story my arms are flaring. I'm jumping around like Alex did. Kicking my legs like Emma. And everyone was laughing. Several more stories followed. Some about Lacey. Some about Katey. We just laughed and laughed. I watched and I soaked in all the love and wonderful memories. When the night was over and it was time for the babies to go to bed. I looked out at Chris just smiling ear to ear. He giggled and asked me why I'm smiling. I just gave him a look of delight. When I was a little girl I couldn't wait for my mother to tell us stories. Stories of us growing up. Stories of her growing up. Stories of my Aunt Duck and Uncle David. And don't get me started on the stories when it involved my grandmother. I loved these stories. I relished these stories. I still do. Now it's my turn to enlighten the children of the next generation with stories. Passing the torch of sorts. I can't wait for more stories to develop and grow as my children do. So maybe the kids growing up isn't all that bad. I can always use more stories.
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