Jul 13, 2007

Bumps and Bruises Along the Way

I went to work today very tired and sore from yesterday's lovely events. I sat down waiting for morning meeting and stretches when a Zada, a friend of mine, asked me if I was going on the OP (order picker) today. I chucked at the thought of me on an OP again, and said "I hope not. I still haven't recovered from yesterday!" She chucked back and Sarah, my team lead, started the morning meeting. She went through the normal routines and as she was placing people in there respected areas for the day, she looked at me with that "Your going to the dock" look, and I just shook my head. You see, I can't say no to her but I sure as heck can shake my head and then do what she asked me to do. She pointed to me and said "Dock." I looked at her with sad eyes and she said sorry and I was off to the dock. I ran into trouble within the first 30 minutes. I couldn't find an OP, couldn't sign in, had to reboot the whole system and couldn't get the stack of skids off the forks. To make things harder, I couldn't drink my coffee. So I had to do this caffeine free. Which SUCKED! When I finally got started I picked about 20 boxes in 30 minutes, yesterday had maybe 10 boxes in about 1 hour. I went back to the dock and jokingly asked if I was done. Phil my Receiving Supervisor, just laughed and handed me another clipboard. This time I pulled about 25 boxes in 30 minutes. I went back and got my third clipboard, this time a little thicker. I only had maybe 6 boxes to pull and ran into a skid of books. Boxes went everywhere. Craig helped me pick up the boxes, Joe took the last of my labels, I dropped off the skid I had completed in shipping and went back to the dock. I looked at Phil at told him that I wanted next week off. He snickered, smiled and proceed to tell me that he was going to ask for me personally everyday. I asked if he was serious, and he just nodded his head with confidence. I laughed sarcastically and all I could say was "Thanks!". The rest of the day went smooth and relaxing. I actually got to tell the temps what to do. For the first time I was in charge of an area. I held conversations one minute then asked them to do something the next. Oh, the power! HAHAHA!!! Any-who, I had a great day. I started the day feeling rocky and uncertain, but finished feeling accomplished and fulfilled.
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