Jul 12, 2007

Taking Pride in Myself

Today I got on an Order Picker. It's this big machine that goes up high and very unsteady, also known as a Cherry Picker. Well, I didn't know until this morning at 6am that I was going to be on one. I'm very afraid of heights and not that comfortable with big machine's that can hurt me. I have had very little training on one and everyone knew it, but they needed my assistance in another department, so I got on one by myself. I had very little idea what to do, but with help from my team leader and a friend, they helped me through it. I did it! It took me longer to get what I needed done, but I did it.
I was terrified to get on one of those things. I was literally in tears because I didn't know what I was doing. I just prayed to my Heavenly Father to help me through this rough patch and I was instantly calmed. It was amazing. I was a blubbering idiot on second and calm and collected the next. True testimony of prayer.
I spent the rest of the day training in a completely different area, again not knowing what I'm doing. I got trained for about 2 hours then I was on my own. Again I was nervous and scared that I was going to make a mistake but I got through it.
I'm very sore and weak from all the heavy lifting I was doing today, but other than that I am feeling very good about myself. And that doesn't happen very often.
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