Jul 16, 2007

Tired Beyond Belief

I am so tired. I only got 45 minutes, yes you read right, of sleep. And worked 10 hours today. In the hottest place in the warehouse. The people in Loose Pick needed more people than expected. So I said I would go if they needed me. I always offer, but they never take me up on it. Well, today they did. I get the call just after first break.
So I walked the 5 minute trek to loose pick. I was put on a line that is notorious for being busy and stayed there all day. I bumped into my supervisor Darlene at 2:30 (when I was supposed to leave) and talked about me volunteering for the 10 hour day. Apparently, no one likes over time money?! Who knew?! Darlene laughed at my joke, and told me to get used to it, we are going to 10 hour days tomorrow. I laughed and went to break.
!0 hours goes pretty fast when you are constantly moving. Not to mention I didn't have to get on an OP!!! YEAH!! Since they couldn't use me in receiving I told Phil that I would buy him a coffee in the morning. I figured if I get him a caffeinated up he'll get on the OP- not me. Hehehe, I'm evil (and I love it).
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