Jul 17, 2007


Okay so I have mentioned before that I really do not like Tuesdays. I don't know why, it always seems like no one wants to work on Tuesdays expect me and a hand full of people. It really burns me up to see people walking around doing nothing and you yourself are busting you butt. IT REALLY MAKES ME MAD!!! I saw people talking when the lines were clear, I saw people just walk away when they should have been working, I even saw people leave for the day when there was still work to be done. We had a 9 hour day and at exactly 3:30 pm everyone but me, Sarah, Melinda and a few temps were left. I mean, come on!! I understand if you got to work at 5:00 am, yes feel free to leave after 10 hours. But everyone else should have at least offered to stay and help. That's what a good employee would have done.
I had to deal with stupid people all day as well. I was joking around with a guy, who on any other day would have come up with a smart mouth remark and laughed, but he didn't. He just rolled his eyes at me and turned his back. I don't care who you are, you DO NOT roll your eyes at me for any reason what so ever. I don't even let my husband or children roll their eyes at me. I'm tellin' ya, Tuesday's suck.
But you see I believe in Karma. What you put forth will come back 10 fold (or something similar to that). Everyone in the company got screwed this week on their paychecks. Some not so much as others. Ironically the ones who got hosed are the ones who were screwing around. Anyway, someone in the company (at headquarters) messed up and when they sent in the time cards, or whatever they send, it was for the week of major overtime (last week of the quarter). Mandatory overtime. Everyone works, no exceptions!! So the company told us last week that they would be taking out any overage of pay this week...follow? Well, the week of all this overtime I was out for 2 days with a bad kidney infection. So I only worked about a hour of said overtime. Everyone in the warehouse got a letter today of the amount they would be taking out and the amount they would be taking home. Some of my fellow employees only get to take home about $50. I myself did not receive such a letter and nothing will be taken from my check. Truth of the matter is I worked more overtime last week then the week of major overtime. Karma is a ^#%*! and I love her!!!
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