Jul 15, 2007

Woke Up in a Foul Mood

Okay, so I normally get up at 4:30am in the morning to go to work and today I wanted to sleep in. I didn't realize that it was almost 3:30pm when I got up out of bed. But this is how I got woken up.
"Jette get up." At the door which I really dislike.
"Jette get up NOW!" 2nd time
"Jette it's almost 3:30 and I'm leaving and it's time for you to get up NOW!!" Shouting at the door.
I finally got up, but very angry. Would it hurt Chris to come in rub my back and say something like "Honey, it's getting late and I know you didn't want to sleep this long. But you looked so sweet and peaceful, that I just let you sleep. But it's time to get up. I love you." Is that so hard.
I know that you can't always do that, but come on do you really need to shout at me when I'm sleeping. Of course, Chris knew that it wasn't the best way to wake me up and came to say he was sorry. I did so as well, I didn't want to start the day angry. We kissed and made up. Sometimes you fight and make up within a few minutes sometimes longer, but either way it's nice when he admits when he is wrong. LOL
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